Koos and the flag

You don’t have to be part of the LGBT+ community to confidently put a rainbow flag in the park. For Koos, everyone is always welcome and what is a more beautiful and inclusive symbol than the rainbow flag?

Now there were a few teenagers who didn’t like this flag. Because their religion and culture does not allow it and you do not want to look like a sissy to your friends in your disapproval of the flag. So they climbed the sawn-off tree on which the flag was mounted and removed it.

Koos did not let himself be fooled by a bunch of rascals and planted the flag on the tree again, this time with an extra long flagpole and a fence halfway up, to make the clambering to the flag considerably more difficult.

Since then, this flag has flown proudly in the wind month after month, visible to everyone. High above all opinions and judgments.

People like Koos are everywhere. And that’s fantastic!

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